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Entry #1

People should rake leaves with a rake.

2016-03-15 22:35:35 by Welldoneshellfish

Rake leaves with a rake. 


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2016-03-18 11:56:06


(Updated ) Welldoneshellfish responds:

I'm glad that you're interested in the concept of raking leaves with a rake.


2017-04-14 17:04:17

That's hilarious because I literally just raked leaves with a snow shovel. Immediately went and bought a rake. lol

(Updated ) Welldoneshellfish responds:

I'm glad that you've epiphanized the importance of raking leaves with a rake; it's never ergonomic for rake dissenters to finally veer toward the light of rake use, but it's most assuredly a pivotal point in their yard working career.

Also, your art is fucking sick, bro'; I'm glad that you left a comment so that I can give you a much warranted scout lol.