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Your expressions and animated weight are nuts, you know that?

Also lol, just step over the tiny, long, narrow ditch; the fuck is wrong with these pokemon trainers? This is like if you remembered someone getting their hand burnt while cooking and were therefore unnecessarily antsy whenever you cooked.

AncoPro responds:

Thank you! I like focusing on both those things so I'm glad that conveys.

NOW we're talking.

These always give me a J.G. Quintel vibe.

aalong64 responds:

It's funny, a few people have said that but I've never been particularly into Regular Show. I can understand the similarity though. My favourite TV cartoons from this generation of TV cartoons are probably Gravity Falls and Clarence.

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This game is absolutely amazing; the art assets are blowing my mind.

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. What a classic.

Whenever I hear this track, I'm always inclined to refer to it as "the Impossible Quiz theme" rather than "the Rocky theme" because I've never actually seen Rocky. Also probably because I'm fucked up, but anyway; classic shit.

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Mmm, I love being able to stare up Toriel's bootyhole. I want Toriel to fart in my mouth.

I really like the monochromatic color palette you used for this; the vibrant purples do well.

Also, I'm disappointed that I was wrong about bootyhole being an active tag when I was suggesting tags for this to you on Discord lmao.

Good work, man; I can't think of much to say for a critique aside from watch how the surfaces are contacting (fingertips to the ground for example seem improvable) and maybe the foreshortening of her left foot. Your shading is really nice and flows well though.

I'm also not familiar with Yu Yu Hakusho; is it good?

AtomicAstro responds:

Yeah, I can agree that the background and character do seem somewhat disconnected, it's something I myself felt very iffy about in this. Backgrounds and having characters interact in 3d space is something I need to improve on in the future.

Also yes it is very good. Many will tell you it's a product of it's time, and while I don't disagree with that it still holds up as an enjoyable experience imo. Also it has a fucking amazing dub.

My Ankhaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun'.

I like making cartoons and cartoon art and any time I make that shit, I'll probably post it here.

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